We need a conservative judge on the bench.

As an eighth-generation Texan growing up in rural Deep East Texas, John Wells learned the value of hard work. He worked his way through high school and worked and paid his own way through college. Nothing was ever handed to him on a silver platter. Every accomplishment was earned through effort and determination.


After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Construction Science, John worked the next ten years in construction management, helping build America and Texas one project at a time.


John decided to settle in Livingston, Polk County where his family has roots dating back 100 years. John and his wife Tatiana made a home just up the street from where his father had been born in the old Flowers Hospital.



John attended law school at night while working a full-time job. After law school and admittance to the State Bar, John converted a front room of his home into a law office and started practicing law. Many hours of legal advice were offered on the front porch with the Polk County Courthouse in the background just down the street.


John has handled nearly every type of case including family law cases, CPS, child custody, probate, guardianships, juvenile and criminal cases. He has even served as special prosecutor on occasion.

Now days, John primarily practices law as a trial attorney in the District Courts of Polk, San Jacinto, and Trinity Counties.


John is a Christian and he defends and supports the Constitution. John believes that people should be held accountable for their actions. John believes that a judge should make decisions based only on the facts and the law. A judge's decision should not be based upon who the person is related to or who their lawyer may be.


"We need a judge with conservative values who will support the Constitutions of Texas and the United States. We need a conservative judge who will follow the law and not an activist judge creating laws from the bench."


With our US Congressman Dr. Brian Babin at a meeting of the Republican Club of Polk County.

With our US Congressman Dr. Brian Babin at a meeting of the Republican Club of Polk County.

John is a member of the NRA, member and past board member of the Republican Club of Polk County, and member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.








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